Thursday, November 11, 2010

The healthiest pancake on the planet! Don't judge me or my food until you've tried this!

Admittedly when my friend Beth sent me this recipe for a heart healthy pancake made from very odd ingredients, I was hesitant but after trying them, I think I've found a way to enjoy the food that made me fat once again!!

Blend up 1/2 Cup Oatmeal to powder (I use a magic bullet)
1/2 Cup Non-Fat Cottage Cheese
4 eggs whites or 4 oz egg whites
Handful of fresh spinach

Makes one very huge pancake. I doubled the recipe for me and my wife and it made three plate-sized pancakes!

Blend ingredients together and pour on a medium heat skillet. Let cook a little longer than a normal pancake because you have to cook all those egg whites! I topped mine with some pure applesauce and ground cinnamon. Also tried a little sugar-free syrup. I will be experimenting with this recipe often so check back. I am adding blueberries next! This might make for an interesting color combo with the green spinach and the purple blueberries! JUST TRY IT!!!

Thanks Beth for the recipe!!

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